Friday, April 23, 2010

Enjoying the Moment

OK- so I am a very neglectful blogger... but when I think about it, I am convinced this a good thing! It just means I am too busy enjoying the moment to reflect on it - in the moment...

The reality is, if I could spend 12 hours a day in the studio painting, it probably still wouldn't feel like enough. And so I have been making the best of the hours I do get, to zone in behind the brush, before market season hits- TOMORROW!!! (I will be at the lovely local Pier Street Market from 9-2)

While the subtle light of winter danced through my big fir trees and kissed the faces of the canvases tucked tightly on the easel, I am grateful for all the hours spent lost in the colours, textures, and subtle nuances of each piece...

The winter has a lot to show for it's self as we move into spring, with 3 custom commissions all hung on the walls of their new loving homes, and 7 more nearly ready to leave the loft...

Here is a piece that will soon be available in print...... The original will be making it's debut tomorrow at the market, so come by and see it!

It's title leaves a little to be desired, it is currently masquerading as 'Mayfly#2'. If there are any anglers out there (or creative bug lovers) with a catchy suggestion for a name, I would love to hear it!!

See you at the Market!

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