Monday, September 26, 2011

More of our furry friends

Dogs- perhaps my new favorite subject matter... although that is a pretty bold statement, and fish are hard to rival.

This is just a little look at a small, sweet piece painted in homage of a dear friends dear friend (of 16 beautiful loyal years).


Acrylic Ink on wood panel

For more info on custom pieces click here!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Quinsam Coho kind of day


It is the season of the Salmon, and there are few more beautiful than the Coho, in it's glorious coat of spawning colour.

Come by and see my newest original, at Sundays Haig-Brown Festival, taking place at the spectacular Haig-Brown property, alongside the magnificent Campbell River! The festival takes place between 12 & 4 Sept. 25th, and offers free admission, casting lessons, fly tying demo's book readings, live music, local produce and a look at our communities commitment to our environment and watersheds.

The Quinsam Coho original is a vivid oil- created responsibly with our watersheds in mind.

Painted on canvas, with eco-friendly oils, using NO toxic solvents or pigments containing heavy metals. This piece honours a beautiful creature that continues to do so much for our wildlife, forests & rivers, and it is looking for a home on your wall!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fly fisher's friend

In the spirit of "World Rivers Day" this coming Sunday, I thought I would post some paintings of our little friends (and fish snacks) the beloved Mayfly.

Indicative of a healthy eco-system, these winged beauties are unique amongst their insect counterparts for several reasons. One of those is, they are the only insect that molts after they get functional wings.

Before the molt, the wings are almost furry- resembling that of a moth, and in their short and final stage are more transparent and veined.

Come by the Haig-Brown House this Sunday (between 12 & 4) to celebrate our beautiful rivers, and see these Mayflies in person!

Here are three commissioned paintings of Mayflies... two of which are available as prints (on paper or on canvas) at !

Mayfly #3

Mayfly #2

Myfly #1

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The set up

This is my 3rd official season working as an artist in the Comox Valley, and I must say, it is an enchanted life!

Enchanted, and filled to the brim!

Market season goes from May- December for me, and last year having done somewhere in the neighborhood of 23 shows, I felt a bit like a roady by the end of it. So this year was all about streamlining my set up.

The goal?
Light weight, compact, aesthetically pleasing, durable, and unfazed by wind.
A tall order.

As it happened there are some like minded folks out there doing some really cool things- and the rest? Well, I made it myself (with a little help from my favorite furry friend)!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Big Dawg

It has only been since getting my own dog Tsavo, that I have come to understand the profound love and kinship that exists between a person and their dog. It is a bond I never anticipated would effect me in such a deep and altering way.

In the short year we have been together, Tsavo has taught me more about myself than I ever expected. When she came into my life, she brought with her endless compassion, an unfaltering commitment to the moment, and boundless enthusiasm.
There is no other relationship like it.

Knowing now, of the love shared between a dog and their human companions, I am even more humbled by the privilege of being a part of immortalizing such a kind and loyal friend, in this very special custom commission.

Big Dawg

For more information on custom commissions, and an art piece featuring your own loyal friend, please see my website for more info.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sun Soaked and Over Due

Well, I know this has been a long time coming... and I could come up with countless explanations, but I wont bore you with that! The good news is I have been hard at work in the studio, and I have some pieces to share with you!

I am going to head into this with a piece that some of you have seen, that is very special to me called 'The Arrival'

It features a barn owl- a mysterious and powerful being, a messenger and protector on lifes long journey and beyond.

is available as a hand enhanced print (it has 'gold' leaf on it!!!)
as a 16x20 on paper or on canvas