Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Big Dawg

It has only been since getting my own dog Tsavo, that I have come to understand the profound love and kinship that exists between a person and their dog. It is a bond I never anticipated would effect me in such a deep and altering way.

In the short year we have been together, Tsavo has taught me more about myself than I ever expected. When she came into my life, she brought with her endless compassion, an unfaltering commitment to the moment, and boundless enthusiasm.
There is no other relationship like it.

Knowing now, of the love shared between a dog and their human companions, I am even more humbled by the privilege of being a part of immortalizing such a kind and loyal friend, in this very special custom commission.

Big Dawg

For more information on custom commissions, and an art piece featuring your own loyal friend, please see my website for more info.

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