Friday, September 23, 2011

Fly fisher's friend

In the spirit of "World Rivers Day" this coming Sunday, I thought I would post some paintings of our little friends (and fish snacks) the beloved Mayfly.

Indicative of a healthy eco-system, these winged beauties are unique amongst their insect counterparts for several reasons. One of those is, they are the only insect that molts after they get functional wings.

Before the molt, the wings are almost furry- resembling that of a moth, and in their short and final stage are more transparent and veined.

Come by the Haig-Brown House this Sunday (between 12 & 4) to celebrate our beautiful rivers, and see these Mayflies in person!

Here are three commissioned paintings of Mayflies... two of which are available as prints (on paper or on canvas) at !

Mayfly #3

Mayfly #2

Myfly #1

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