Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Last Chance Portobello

This coming Sunday, May 31st is your last chance to see me at Portobello West this season!

You can come by and check out the awesome selection of art, jewelry and fashion between 12 and 6pm at the Rocky Mountaineer Station.

I will have a few new Framed Originals and Prints for sale.

The new frames are floating frames, a beautiful incasement of reclaimed barn wood, and they set off the originals perfectly! I love them so much it's hard not to keep them all!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Shelf fungus...

I have been working on the piece of the shelf fungus (the winner from the spring idea give-away)
Here is a glimpse at the progress...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I heart Woodland Gardens

Ok, so this is well over do, but I have just come down from atop the mountain of excitement about my new favorite event, The Art & Bloom Festival! It was magical!

The Kitty Coleman gardens are truly exquisite, and are well worth a visit any time of the year, but Art & Bloom was off the charts! This place is traced with roving paths to secret ponds, 3000 rhodos and is pretty much a direct translation of my own imaginary, secret garden paradise. Combine that with a plethora of kind, talented and lovely people (and a little sunshine), and you've got a recipe for delight and intrigue. I LOVE it there!

The weekend left me with a long wish list, and inspiration that will, no doubt, take me well in to the doldrums of winter.

If I have ever wanted anything more, I don't remember it now- after seeing the awe inspiring work of Cory Lunn & Darrel Nygaard of Sea-Change Open Studio. Their work in stone, clay and wood is out of this world, and needs to be experienced in person to be fully appreciated. If you get a chance to stop by their studio in Union Bay, look for a hanging piece with a fish skeleton etched in stone-it's head skillfully carved from an antler, powerfully and whimsicly suspended from a marvelous piece of drift wood... it moved me beyond words.

Although we made it through the entire weekend without as much as a drop of rain, I didn't manage a single picture with the sparkling sun really shining, but it did shine, I promise.

Me and my lovely Mom- she is a great roady

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The 7th annual Art and Bloom Festival!

If you've been looking for something interesting to do this long weekend, I have the answer!

Put on your walking shoes and come and join me in enjoying a walk through the garden, and into the woods!

This weekend (May 16, 17 & 18th) at the internationally acclaimed Kitty Coleman Woodland Gardens, is the 7th annual Art and Bloom Festival!

The Woodland Garden is the gem of the Comox Valley. Complete with paths, benches, garden sculptures, and water features.

This is the Islands destination for unique art forms and originals by local artists. You will find artists, potters, sculptors, glass blowers, original stained glass designers and garden art just to name a few!

It only happens twice a year, so come out and enjoy this beautiful combination of wilderness and subtle cultivation, and see a little art too!

I think the Rhododendrons will be in bloom!

It would be great to see you there! (I'll be in the driftwood pavilion)

For directions and more info click here.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Campbell River Rocks!

Yesterday I experienced my first Pier Street Farmers Market and Art Fair, as a vendor, and it was so much fun! What a great crowd!

The sun shone for us, and everyone was happy to be out and about enjoying it after such a long winter, many of them with their Moms in tow!

It was such a treat to meet so many people excited about art, the environment and the community, and to see so much willingness to support these important facets of our local culture. It reminded me of all the reasons why I am so excited about what I am doing, and all the reasons I am doing it. Meeting so many like minded people, made me very proud to call this beautiful city home.

There is a lot of talent, and friendly faces at this market, and some exquisite craftsmanship and creativity at work. Some of my favorites were definitely:

*Buffalo Bob & Heather of Oyster River Rustic. This solid wood furniture oozes natural beauty and is bound to put a smile on your face! Check out their website for pictures!

*The elegant, unique and richly stunning work of
Pamela's Custom Jewelry. I totally fell in love with one of her fresh water pearl pieces. I didn't even know mother nature made pearls that shape! You'll find her at the Pier Street Market most Sundays - totally worth coming for!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Magnet Madness

All the photo taking seemed to take an eternity, but I finally got them all together, and posted!

My Etsy shop is brimming with new fun magnet sets!

Vibrant and fun tiny prints of my paintings bringing an air of creativity and colour to the kitchen or work place (they stick to filing cabinets too).

Your choice of sets of six or four, and they are only $8.50 !

here are a few examples....

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mothers Day

Salmon Berry Blossom on the Quinsam

I will be at the Pier Street Market and Arts Fair in Campbell River this Sunday, celebrating Mothers Day with my Mom!

Come by and see what's been brewing in the studio, as a few of my new products make their awaited debut!

There will be food, farmers, music, art, and a whole bunch of other stuff you'll love! Bring your Mom!!

The market is from 9-2 -rain or shine (I put my order in for sun). Hope to see you there!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Portobello West

Here is the recap, incase you've been wondering...

Portobello West's april market was a hit. The masses were literally lined up to get in! The sun dappled through the walls of glass to kiss the beautiful creations of some of Vancouvers most talented designers, jewelry makers and artists. It was a hoot!

There were a bunch of new vendors out, and man was I impressed! If you want jewelry that will knock their socks off, this is where you'll find it. And if you have a little one, this is the place to find the coolest of cool outfits- checkout Superfly Lullabies- for some swank blankies and I especially love that Owl hoodie... and then there is the art of course!

If you haven't made it down yet, don't fret you have another chance to get out there and see me, and meet the makers, on the last sunday of May...

I'll remind you again as the day draws nearer.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

What a week of wonder! Between all the markets, and the creative endeavors, I found a little time to check out a lake, hidden in the woods. It was a bit windy for fishing, but from the dock, I witnessed a plethora of life flourishing beneath the waters surface.

I saw a rough skinned newt battle a leach, a Predacious Diving Beetle (they are HUGE), a Red legged frog, a Sculpin, and a whole lot of beauty in general. It was such an interesting place, full of little creatures I'm not accustom to seeing. And there was a dock side cook-out to boot!

I love Spring.