Tuesday, June 9, 2009


With Markets, traveling, house guests, commissions, orders and wedding projects (my cousins), finding time to blog has been increasingly difficult.... I love summer, but it always seems tricky to fit in all the fun that whorls about me in fits and frenzies.

I have been charged with the task of making the wedding cake for my cousins woodland wedding.  It is a something I am new to, and exploring edible mediums has proved to be quite a delight!  I am having so much fun making forest floor treasures, I want to do little else!  

The Bride has not seen the final creations, so I am going to keep them under wraps for now, but here are a few shots of my first try at fondant... a sticky, gooey, sugary dough, used to cover and decorate cakes.


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  1. Now the wedding is over, can we see photos of the finished cake and how it was made?