Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Corn dip

Corn is a marvelous and versatile plant.

The bags I use for packaging your prints are made from it- they are shiny, clear and bio-degradable. Some pre-washed spinach is boxed in a corn based "plastic" box, the shopping bags at my local grocery store are made from it, and on top of it all- it's delicious!

I love corn on the cob. The common conundrum faced around here is how to adequately BUTTER the corn on the cob. I am sure this is something you all have faced as well. You can try to slather it on with a knife, but it usually melts before you can get to every side, or you can dedicate a slab of butter on a plate for rolling, but then you end up with a chunk of butter with bits of corn in it, or those silken threads laced all through...

Well here's a little bit of ingenuity for you, to solve the perpetual question on how best to butter it. (I didn't come up with this myself, but it sure did work like a charm).

You will need:
*1 deep wide mouth jar
*boiling water
*some butter

Fill the jar about 2/3 full of boiling water (leaving room for displacement), and drop a chunk of butter in it. Carefully transport the hot buttery liquid to the dinning area of your choice (for us this is most commonly the coffee table) and then, at your leisure, dip the cob in! The melted butter settles at the top, and the hot water keeps it liquid for ease of dipping. As you dip the cob in and pull it out all of the water runs off, leaving it delightfully coated in butter on every side! It doesn't look very pretty here, but trust me, this buttery goodness will not disappoint!

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