Saturday, April 18, 2009

spring give-away winners!


I knew it would be good, but you all have some brilliant ideas! Thank you so much for sharing your collective genius! I didn't expect choosing would be so hard... I sort of expected that one would really speak to me, and I am delighted (and challenged) to say that I loved them all!! But alas I really must choose...

There is so much beauty lingering in the minds of all you folk, and because I love all of these ideas so much (except for the ant one-I hate ants, they are eating my house, but I will grant you a few points for humour) I have decided to pick 2 winners! Although I am not going to make any promises for when I might get to the other paintings, I do promise to post the progress as it happens.

So- With no further ado!

The winners of my spring time give-away are....

Mary for the intriguing suggestion of shelf fungi. I always look for the fungi in the forest, and have seen some spectacular specimens on a recent walk on the Quinsam River.

And the winner I could not leave behind, for both her ideas is Lindsay!
I am not going to give away which vision I plan to paint, but both river rocks and ferns rank very high on my fascination checklist. I love them both and can't wait to get to work!

Keep your eyes on the post box for your presents!!

Thank you all for playing, and sharing. Stay tuned for the fungi!

this variety is also known as Butt Rot...

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