Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Original Paintings

We finally got a real spring day! I got caught up imagining what it might be like to live in a place where 15 degrees is as cold as it ever gets... I cleaned up the yard, fired up the BBQ, and enjoyed the embrace of the long forgotten warm air.

There is nothing like a walk through the neighborhood on such an evening, and a peak in the windows of the people I live amongst... I love to see how people live. I don't care to see what they are up to, I just want to know what's hanging on there walls.

Those funny figurines on crowded book shelves, refridgerators papered with family photo's, childrens artwork, and tomorrows grocery list. You get the classic velvet painting of the matador, and collectable plates hung with care behind the dinning room table, you even see the odd Pirate flag/window covering... What I like the most about all of this is knowing that behind each one of those treasures is a story, they are the things that remind us of what's important, of who we are, where we've come from, and the things we dream about... Then sometimes, you get a glimpse of something that really intrigues you, a piece above a mantle that gets your wheels turning, gets you dreaming of that place in your own house that has a story to tell. That wall that's waiting for something to hold.

If you have a wall with a story to tell I might have just the punctuation you have been looking for....The creative spirit bound to paint, and laid carefully with intention, to speak a truth unique you...

By popular demand.... I am listing a few originals!!

The three pieces you have seen in the last few posts, are available in their original unadulterated form... and there is one other too!

Spring Blossoms
12 x 9

Rainbow Fry
16 x 8

12 x 16

Chilean Dream
24 x 12

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