Thursday, March 19, 2009

Love Stampede

This piece was in the works for nearly a year before it reached completion.

There is more to a painting for me than just laying paint on a canvas... it all starts with a little muse.

Inspiration presents itself in many different ways for me, but it's not uncommon for it to arrive in the shape of a lovely person or two, as it did on this very special occasion.

I have only been on a horse maybe twice (even though I come from a long line of cowboys), but there are two lovely folks I know who hold these four leggeds near and dear and have the stories and scars to prove it. Last summer they decided to celebrate there union with some fine feasting, music, family and friends, and I thought this piece would be a nice way to honor their love and celebrate along side them as their passions ran through their own Love Stampede.

Oil on Canvas
by Melissa March


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  2. This is an original oil painting done by me- Melissa March. It is also available in archival giclee prints on cotton rag or stretched on canvas. Please see my website for more information on the various sizes available.

    what is an oil printing photo?