Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Beaver Lodge Forest

This is a photo I took of the forest at the end of my street. It is one of my New Years Resolutions to walk there twice a week.

Even though sometimes I have a hard time getting to it, I am always glad to be there once I take one deep breath of the earthy, fresh air.

The Beaver Lodge Forest Lands is 1028 acres of forest located within the Campbell River City Limits. The land was a gift to the City in 1931 by The Elk River Timber Company. They have been a valued natural playground for wildlife and residence alike ever since.

In 1993, The Beaver Lodge Forest Lands became BC’s first experimental forest to be protected under provincial legislation.

It is beautiful at all times of the year, and last fall, I was inspired to paint a slice of this inspiring space...

Beaver Lodge Forest
Oil on Canvas
by Melissa March

The destruction and loss of natural habitats that support plant and animal life is a major threat to the health and diversity of our planet.

Protecting natural areas is one way we can preserve biodiversity and help to maintain some of the natural processes that will ensure we continue to have clean air and water, for many generations to come.

A mere 7% of Canada’s vast countryside is safeguarded against threats to its ecological integrity. Globally, Canada ranks only 61st in terms of the percentage of protected lands!

For more info see:
Nature Canada

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