Thursday, February 5, 2009

in pursuit of green

As things grow at Amu Designs, so does our ability to make a notable impact.

All of our archival prints, (on paper) including all 8x10 images, will now be mounted on Biodegradable Foamboard.

By choosing to do all of our mounting in house, we are able to offer you an even more environmentally friendly product for the same affordable price! It means a little more elbow grease, but we are happy to do it, strong arms are a good thing (and so is fresh air)!

We can probably all use a bit more sleep, and I am hoping we can all rest a little easier knowing that beauty is possible without compromising our bank account, a beautiful aesthetic, or our future.

Enjoy your Art!

  • It is a paper-faced memory foamboard with a BIODEGRADABLE rigid foam center
  • It is faced with acid free paper liners formulated from wood products certified by the Sustainable Forest Institute (SFI)
  • It is formulated with no less than 15% recycled content
  • With the exception of it's BIODEGRADABLE properties, it performs the same as regular foamboard
  • Foamboard will not break down until it is discarded
  • BIODEGRADABLE foamboard breaks down in landfills or composting environments in 1-5 years

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