Saturday, February 14, 2009

Like a Rock

I always look for them, the love notes from Mother Earth, and every once in a while, I notice one has been left for me.

The sun was showing it's face, and we had made it to the river to welcome the winds of spring. The warmth had been a long time coming, and it's gentle caress reminded me that life was stirring in all the quite corners of my heart.

There were prints that led us there, across the snow, crisp and blue in the shadows. They came from all directions... The wolves must have a meeting place. I had visions of them revealing themselves under the cast of violet twilight, but their story left me at the rivers edge with out a trace.

I wondered and wandered and kept hunting for a clue... and then it happened.

As I crouched to survey the rippling skin of the river, my eye's fell upon it. There was no question what it was - it was etched in stone.

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I hope this finds you celebrating love in all the ways that suit you best.

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