Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's degrading (in a good way)

We have new packaging! Shiny, Clear, Beautiful, Bags!

They are made from eco-friendly plant based products. They are biodegradable AND compostable, as well as certified by the BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute)!

How it Happens...
  1. Corn is grown and harvested
  2. Corn is cooked for many, many hours
  3. Corn is ground, and the starch extracted
  4. Corn is fermented, creating lactic monomers
  5. Lactide molecules are linked into polyactide polymer
  6. Resulting in natural "plastic" pellets
  7. Pellets are converted into a film
  8. Film is converted into packaging products!
*Because the bags contain Lactic acid, they are not intended for the long term storage of your art work*

You can find more info on Display Conditions, Care Instructions, Handling, and Limited Warranty on the back of your Certificate of Authenticity.


  1. I just wonder if this type of "plastic" could be used for garbage bags and shopping bags.

    BTW, I'm honored that you added my link to your sidebar. Your new blog is intriguing and I'll be back to see what else is new!

    Cheers ~
    Pam Hawk

  2. There is definitely a version of this "plastic" used for shopping and garbage bags. In fact, even in here in campbell River things are catching on... my local Quality Foods' bags are 100% compostable! Yay technology!