Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rainbow Fry

Rainbow Fry
Oil on Canvas
by Melissa March

Rainbow Trout

As a species, the Rainbow Trout is yellow-listed, which means that it is not at risk in British Columbia. However, many populations have suffered declines and even extinction as a result of habitat damage or over fishing. Maintenance of natural genetic diversity and the many life-history forms is a conservation concern.


• It is important to obey angling regulations and habitat protection bylaws, guidelines and regulations, since they were designed to protect the fish and their habitat. You should also Observe, Record and Report violations of the regulations by phoning 1-800-663-9453.

• Rainbow Trout are highly vulnerable to human activities, which alter stream flow, increase sedimentation, reduce cover or raise water temperature. If you own property bordering a stream or lake, try to protect or plant trees and shrubs beside the water to provide food and shade, and prevent the banks from eroding.

• Form a group of water stewards and volunteer to monitor local water quality or restore natural streamside vegetation.

• Be aware that what you dump into your septic tank or roadside storm drain may find its way into streams or lakes. Help keep water quality high by using detergents and soaps that are chlorine and phosphate free, and do not dump harsh chemicals, such as bleach, paint thinner or antifreeze, into drains.

For more info see:
Ministry of Fisheries

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