Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day Dreams & Fairy Tails.

For Christmas, my honorary Mom (Fran) gave me a sketch book... she knows just what I like. I've always been a doodler, it's like moving meditation for me. It helps me to sit in peace with the core of myself.

It is green with black and gold speckles, so you have to watch where you put it down. If your not careful it will disappear right under your nose. This will be especially true once the snow melts-AGAIN.

In this book of empty pages I decided to find my roots, and draw each day for fun, not just for work (if you can call it that). Just whatever moves me, no expectations, no limitations, just good old creative play.

This is what moved me on the dawn of the new year, and today evoked a similar muse... must be the snow falling...

Happy Birthday Fran! I hope it's magical. xo

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