Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Sail

New Sail
Oil on Canvas
Melissa March

For some years my Mom lived on a sail boat. A beautiful wooden explorer boat, designed especially for the West Coast.

It's pretty neat having your home with you where ever you go, but that luxury comes at the cost of some of the niceties most of us are used to.

It's volunteer simplicity at its best. Putting you immediately in sync with the seasons, and all that nature throws your way.

Spending time on the sea, gave me a new respect and appreciation for the immense power of the wind.

The wind really is always blowing, being harnessed and used wisely all over the world. Canada is no exception, as we move toward leaving a smaller eco footprint, wind power is becoming more widespread and accessible to everyone.


The burning of fossil fuels to generate electricity is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. The good news is, there are alternatives.

The use of Wind generated power is on the rise, and for good reason. There are many benefits to using this renewable resource.


The Environment
•Wind energy preserves water resources.
•Wind energy does not produce any harmful waterborne emissions, or
toxic solid wastes.
•Wind energy is completely renewable, highly reliable and very efficient.
•Wind energy offsets the emissions of other energy sources, thus reducing our contribution to global climate change.

The Community
•Wind energy is compatible with other land uses and can serve as a boost for rural economic development.
•Wind energy is good for employment and job creation: it is estimated that the Canadian wind industry employed 3,785 people in 2006.
•Wind energy supports economic growth: in 2006 the wind industry contributed $1.6 billion to Canada Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
•Wind energy generates tourism for local communities.
•Wind energy creates alternative revenues for farmers who lease their land.

The Consumer
•Wind energy is one of the most economical sources of new large-scale electricity generation.
•Wind energy is becoming even more economic to produce as economies of scale are reached and as electricity prices increase.

I get really excited about the progress we are making as we choose new ways to move forward. Wind generated power is only one great example. If you are interested in learning more, please see what the experts have to say:

Canada Wind Energy Association

When you are on their site, look for info on "small wind" to see if it might be a good edition to your home or business.


  1. Hi
    looks like it's a bit cold to be plein air painting- O the young brave at heart.
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  2. Yes, some chilly days! But summer is not too far off... just think warm thoughts!