Saturday, February 7, 2009

the work of dreaming

Since my inauguration into the world of fly fishing, I have come to understand, there is a common dream... a goal shared by young and old alike. It seems there is a mecca for anglers.

Chile. Home of the elusive Brown. (among others)

It's not at all difficult to understand the appeal. It has all the components a great adventure should, an alluring destination, a quest of the heart, the promise of triumph, and just a hint of prestige... I will confess I hope to share in this dream, and make the journey someday (hopefully in the company of my favorite angler, He's been busy dreaming big and showing me the way).

For me, the journey is a way off, so in the mean time I've been busy painting the picture, and engineering a clear vision. I like to think of dreaming as important work in it's own right... I like to call it manifesting.

Here's a glimpse of a journey I've been on, over the past few weeks, as I build my foundation for the pilgrimage that awaits.

Stay tuned for a look at the finished Piece!

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